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Yeshiva University Museum is committed to the preservation of our Jewish heritage but the continuing strength of our collections and the vitality of our exhibitions rely on you, our donors and patrons.

We are a cultural museum, documenting and interpreting the Jewish people. Through various artifacts made or used by Jews, we examine the ever-changing interpretation of Jewish self-definition, both within the community and in relation to surrounding cultures. This historical evolution helps build a complete picture of the complex culture and identity of Jews throughout the world. Your donations help us tell our story.

Some of the items we are always gratified to be able to add to our collection include: fine art, ceremonial objects and textiles, archaeological artifacts from Israel, historical documents, ephemera, early Israeli collectibles and souvenirs, Communist party or labor union documents and memorabilia, photographs, historical equipment, Jewish school records, embroidery and domestic textiles, domestic objects, Holocaust material, material relating to wars in/for Israel, Jewish patriotism and other social issues, and jewelry by Jewish artists. Please note that, with few exceptions, we do not collect items postdating 1975.

If you have any questions or have an artifact you are considering for donation, please call 212-294-8330 and ask for Bonni-Dara Michaels bdmichaels@yum.cjh.org or Gabriel Goldstein ggoldstein@yum.cjh.org.
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